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Tanks & Water Storage

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  • Industrial
  • Residential

If capturing and using your rainwater is what you’re after, then Think Water can help. Typical uses might be for recycled water in your toilets and laundry using a rainwater switching system such as a Davey Rainbank, or rainwater use for your garden. You may need water storage for drinking or livestock. We support the range of Devan tanks and also tanks from Bushmans. We supply a range of supporting equipment to make sure your tank water system is optimised for your requirements.

Every application is different and it can be hard to decide which size tank is right for what you need. Visit us at Think Water Adelaide where we can design, supply, install and maintain your tank or water storage.

We have tanks and water storage for your commercial application, including tanks from our preferred tank supplier, Bushman’s tanks. Bushman’s Tanks are one of the leading tank manufacturers in Australia, who regularly tests their tanks to ensure quality and longevity. Whether it be industrial buildings, general commercial buildings, hospitals and local council buildings and depots, we have the tank and water storage solutions for you. We supply tanks that range anywhere from 750 litres to 46,400 litres and can be customised to include any required fittings.

If you’re not sure which tank is right for you, visit us at Think Water Adelaide where we can design, supply, install and maintain a tank or water storage for your commercial application.

We supply tanks and water storage solutions for your industrial application by using only the most trusted and preferred suppliers in the industry. Including Devan tanks, who provide heavy duty industrial tanks, including industrial water tanks, industrial storage tanks, wash down tanks and more. With tank capabilities ranging from 5,500 litres and bespoke outlets of up to 300mm. We also have RX Plastics tanks, who’s industrial tanks are easy to manoeuvre and install and are designed with a small footprint.

It can be hard to decide what size tank you need for your industrial application. To help you through this, we at Think Water Adelaide can design, supply, install and maintain a tank and water storage solution for you.

The required size of tanks differs from home to home. Whether you need a small or large tank, we only stock the best in the industry when it comes to quality and longevity - like tanks from NuTank, who offer a range of water tanks with tank capacities ranging from 140L all the way up to 46,000L. We offer advice on what size and type of tank you need for your home and usage. 

If you’re thinking of using a tank at your home, visit us at Think Water Adelaide where we can take you through the design, supply, installation and maintenance.

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Our owner-managers have worked for many years in the industry and employ qualified design staff to ensure you receive the solution that best suits your requirements.
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We provide quality products from leading national and international manufactures and suppliers.
With fully trained workshop personnel and field service teams, we can provide after-sales support if you require service and maintenance.